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What Not to Say in an Interview

While everyone is busy telling you what to say and how to say it, let us take the time to give you several words or phrases to avoid during an interview

Filler words


This one seems relatively obvious. Try your very best not to use “Uhs” or “Uhms”. Another filler to avoid is “like”. Because, like, when someone…uhh…uses these every other word…uhm, it can drive a person, like, crazy.

Don’t use slang


Are you too legit to quit? Maybe you’re too “legit” to hire. Do not use words that are not recognized as being a part of a formal script. “lit”, “legit”, “def”, “ain’t”, we could go on. Just think, if Mr. Rodgers wouldn’t say it in a normal conversation, then you probably shouldn’t say it in an interview.

Bad mouthing

giphy12Nothing will hurt your chances of being hired more than speaking poorly about a former boss or coworkers. Even if you didn’t leave on the best of terms, it’s in your best interest to speak as formally as possible. Negativity is a huge turn off when looking for a new employee. Think of it this way: an interview is like a speed date. It’s a short meeting to try to give the best impression of yourself as possible, so try to give them a positive impression.


I don’t know

When you answer a question with “I don’t know”, even if it’s an honest answer, it can make a person look foolish (to put it nicely). Try your best to come up with an answer, even if you have to think of something on the spot. For example, if the interviewer asks “Why do you want this job?” think of a reason, even if it’s a small one, but please don’t just answer with “I don’t know”.

“I’m a perfectionist”


I think we heard several potential employers gag just after typing that. This phrase is overused, to say the least. Even though it sounds like an adjective that could highlight someone’s attributes, in all honesty, when in a conversation (outside of an interview) have you heard that word used to describe someone positively?



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