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Tis the Season: 30 Fun & Festive Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer at the Office

With December’s arrival, the holiday countdown has officially begun. Brighten your employee’s spirits by establishing holiday traditions that will allow them to feel a deeper camaraderie beyond their normal job functions.

Here’s a list of some fun, festive ways to cultivate the holiday spirit into your workplace.

  1. Have employees decorate their desks and have a contest among everyone
  2. Host an office potluck
  3. Holiday office bingo
  4. Get an Elf on the Shelf and have the elf leave small gifts for different employees each day
  5. Decorate your cubicle and have a cube contest
  6. Host a hot chocolate bar with different toppings
  7. Have fun pizzas in the shape of Christmas trees and have employees decorate the trees
  8. Make it a family affair and bring in a Santa for the employee’s children
  9. Host a bake-off among all the employees
  10. Rent a photo booth for your holiday party
  11. Incorporate a charitable cause and donate gifts from your organization, such as Toys for Tots or Trees for Troops
  12. Organize a white elephant gift exchange with your employees
  13. Shoot a holiday video with employees to share with your customers – Don’t have a camera lying around? Use your smartphone!
  14. Have employees bring in their favorite cookie and have a cookie tasting
  15. Host an ugly holiday sweater day at the office
  16. Set up a holiday card exchange for employees
  17. Get your employees together to watch a holiday movie, like A Christmas Story, and make popcorn and hot chocolate in the office
  18. Get employees together and do some caroling around the other offices in your area
  19. Surprise unsuspecting people that you see at your office on a weekly basis with a little gift, such as the UPS driver that is always bringing packages to your office
  20. Do a craft with your employees like you did in grade school, such as snow globes made out of mason jars
  21. Get your employees involved in a Secret Santa
  22. Get the office to decorate a centralized Christmas tree in the office
  23. Play a game of minute to win it: holiday edition
  24. For smaller offices: get everyone a stocking to fill with gifts
  25. Organize a snowman building contest
  26. Put marshmallows into a large jar and have all of the employees guess how many are in the jar- the employee closest to the exact number will win a prize
  27. Buy some wrapping paper and bows and cover your artwork in it to make your office look more festive
  28. Decorate your office windows with spray snow and have your employees write holiday messages to each other
  29. For the New Year, have your employees write down a prediction for the upcoming year and create a time-capsule. Open it up with your employees 1 year later and see who was right
  30. Give employees company logo items, ranging from clothing to mugs, as a thank you for their work this year

At our RI Staffing and Recruiting Agency, we’ve elected to celebrate the holidays with an Ugly Sweater day and a Holiday dinner out on the town. Whatever you decide, it’s sure to bring your employees together this holiday season.

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Simple Ways to Spread Kindness in the Workplace

A small group of committed people can change the world. It is indeed the only thing that ever has. MARGARET MEAD

November 13th | World Kindness Day

There are remarkable benefits to spreading kindness at work. Kindness creates a positive ripple that affects the whole workplace culture, creating a more harmonious environment in the office and life in general. Spreading kindness is shown to improve relationships, reduce stress, and even lower blood pressure.

Here are a few easy, but extremely impactful ways to bring kindness to your workplace that can inspire a common practice all year round.

Offer praise, advice or help:

  • Say “thank you” in person, or with a thoughtfully written note.
  • Champion another person’s idea
  • Offer advice to a coworker who may be struggling
  • Write someone a note or send an email of praise
  • Tell your manager how he or she has helped you grow in your job
  • Commend a coworker to his or her manager
  • Pitch in, unasked, when someone’s overloaded with work
  • Handle a team member’s irate customer
  • Connect a colleague to a person in your business network
  • Share positive news (as opposed to rumor and gossip)

Other Small Acts of Kindness:

  •  Bring in coffee, tea or snacks for your department
  •  Offer to help a colleague with a project
  •  Ask colleagues about their lives—their interests or families are easy places to start
  •  Be positive, smile and greet everyone by name
  •  Hold open doors
  •  Don’t check your phone when you’re with others
  •  Invite a new hire to lunch
  •  Remember others’ birthdays
  • Clean up a common area at your workplace

Kindness is contagious. When we’re kind, we inspire others to be kind, and they inspire others to do the same … and on and on. So spread kindness at work—and cultivate a workplace culture that will improve happiness and productivity simultaneously!



What to Offer Your Employees When You Can’t Offer a Raise

You’re eager to show your highest achievers that their contributions are valued. But if you don’t have the budget or resources to reward your star employee, figuring out how you can keep them engaged and motivated can be a struggle. Fortunately, there are many ways to thank them and keep them motivated without breaking the bank.

Extra Paid Time Off

Too many of us have had to cut a dream vacation short or take a cramped, red-eye flight to make it back to the office on Monday. Why not give your awesome employee a few extra days of paid vacation time? Your employee will feel appreciated and your business will benefit when they return feeling refreshed, re-energized and ready to take on the world.

Gift Cards & Vouchers

Vouchers are a great way for employers to reward their staff. Figure out what they love to do and get them something along those lines, whether it’s a Spa day or tickets to a show, they are bound to be over the moon.

Give them a new improved job title

For many people it’s not just about the money, it’s also about the promotion. A great way to allow them to work their way up the ladder is to give them a better job title, for example if someone’s an Account Executive, promote them to Senior Account Executive.


Offering an employee some training courses out of work is a great alternative to a pay rise, as you are essentially helping them progress at a much faster speed. It will also help retain staff morale and keep them loyal to the company.

Take them out

Sometimes a good old fashioned night out is a great way to show your thanks, whether it be out to a restaurant, a bar or something more extravagant, it shows them you care and you want to spend time with them.


Another alternative to a raise is to award them and to make it known to everyone in the office. Setting up a company awards night, for instance, or taking your team out and making a speech with the person in mind, will give them a sense of accomplishment.

Upgrade their desk space

Offering your employee a better desk space is something that can easily be done and shows that you believe they are ready to move up. If you can’t give them their own office, try moving them to an area with more space and perhaps better equipment.


You may not be able to offer a permanent salary bump, but a one-time bonus will provide a big boost to your employee’s bank account and their morale. Plus, it lets them know you’re serious about compensating them even more as soon as you can. 

Provide them with mentoring

If they look up to you, chances are they will really value what you have to say regarding the industry you both work in. Arranging some one-on-one sessions where you can enlighten them on how you got to where you are today, and offer some personal mentorship, can be a great way to keep your employee inspired and driven.

However you go about thanking your employee, it is best to just be honest and explain the situation. Your employee will appreciate your honesty and be much more understanding if there’s a valid reason behind it. It’s also important that you give them an idea of when a raise might be possible and schedule a date to revisit the conversation.


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How to Choose a Halloween Costume That’s Appropriate for Work

Dressing up for Halloween can be a fun break during the work week, but some are left scratching their heads figuring out what to wear. A balance between festive costumes and work-appropriate attire can be difficult to achieve, but not impossible.

To avoid looking unprofessional, we’ve compiled some tips for dressing up at work below.

Discuss it with your managers.

Talk to your managers about what is deemed appropriate, especially if this is your first Halloween spent at your job. Make sure to ask supervisors about what is expected of employees. Your office might have strict rules — or could be completely lenient — but you don’t want to be the last one to know, either way.

Similarly, make sure to ask your coworkers what the culture of your job is like on Halloween. Fellow employees are probably the only ones who will warn you if people tend to opt out. Your best bet is to ask them what they’re wearing and try to follow suit.

Make sure that your costume doesn’t interfere with your job.

If you can’t sit down, walk comfortably, or perform any of the basic functions needed to do your job, you should pick a new look. The same goes for costumes that may be considered distracting.

Avoid wearing costumes that include excess body paint, fake blood, or any other transferable coloring. Make sure that whatever you choose to wear looks smart, polished, and well constructed. 

Bring a change of clothes.

Once you know what’s acceptable to wear, take a look at your calendar. You might not have any appointments scheduled on Halloween, but that doesn’t mean that something won’t come up. Bring a change of clothes with you in case the need to be serious comes up.

Remain sensitive to other employees.

Costumes that are controversial or political, or that make fun of someone in your office, are absolutely off-limits. The same goes for costumes that are sexy or provocative.

Most importantly, you should remain sensitive to all cultures, even if you don’t think they’re represented in your office. If you’re questioning whether or not your costume portrays a cultural stereotype, you’re better off not wearing it at all.

Do not bring replica weapons to work.

In today’s society, workplace violence is all too real, and makes carrying realistic props into work a bad idea. People should be able to figure out what your costume is without a fake weapon. If they can’t, it’s worth picking a new costume entirely.

Don’t force anyone to dress up.

Though it’s not wrong to encourage team participation, dressing up for Halloween isn’t a required work task. Keep in mind that many people don’t celebrate the holiday for both religious and personal reasons, so costumes and other festive activities shouldn’t be forced upon any employee. 

Final thoughts…

At our RI staffing agency, our recruiters choose to dress up as a group, so there’s no question of appropriate attire and everyone feels included! Whatever you choose to do, have fun and eat lots of candy!


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Modern Trends to Improve the Recruitment Process

The recruiting landscape is changing every single day, and if you’re looking for the best employees, it is crucial to have an updated recruiting approach. In today’s climate, increasing your recruiting efficiency by revising and making changes in your existing plan will set you apart from the rest of the pack. Follow these handpicked tips to up your game in the recruiting process.

Recruitment marketing

Recruitment marketing is a combination of strategies and tactics used by an organization to attract and engage job seekers.

A great marketing solution can help organizations strengthen their brand, reach candidates on social media and optimize their career sites, with the primary objective of getting people to apply to your organization’s job openings.

 Collaborative hiring

When it comes to recruitment, involving your entire team in the recruitment process can be of tremendous value. Referred hires are generally more productive, more engaged and less likely to leave.

Employee referral programs help increase attachment to the organization and make employees feel as though they have a stake in the future of the business. Employees want to grow, so having a hand in the company’s forward motion is exactly what they’re looking for. The right incentive for a referral can leave an employee feeling appreciated, which will in turn help raise motivation, another huge hurdle in engagement.

Adopt inbound recruiting

There are two recruiting strategies majorly used in recruiting talent acquisition: Inbound and outbound. In outbound strategy, the recruiter searches for and contacts candidates whereas inbound strategy is more about creating and building relationships with the candidates over a long time. In the inbound recruiting process, the recruiter or the company uses different digital marketing strategies to engage the group of passive and active job seekers. Switch from outbound and engage and attract more candidates.


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Companies: A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Recruiter

Searching for top talent to fill your open positions can be a full-time job in itself, but using a recruiter to fill your staffing needs can save you valuable time, money and peace of mind.

Putting forth the effort to maintain a strong relationship with your recruiter will give them a deep understanding of your goals and needs, allowing them to go the extra mile to bring top-tier employees through your doors.

Explain your goals.

Express your company’s goals clearly and effectively so your recruiter can connect you to candidates who will fit your needs and your company culture. The more information you provide on what you’re seeking, or what you’re avoiding, the better.

Tell them about your ideal candidate and make sure they know where your company is willing to compromise. It will be easier for them to secure the best of the best when you’ve helped them understand what you need and where to find it.

For example, let your recruiter know if you’re looking for someone who can work flexible hours, etc. Be sure to discuss your timeline with your recruiter so employment gaps can always stay covered.

Always consider their advice.

While your recruiter may not always find you the right candidate and you may not always agree with their suggestions, they are experts in the process. Be open to their ideas about non-traditional candidates or changing benefits packages. They know what your competitors are offering and what candidates are looking for, so their advice can be very valuable.

Communicate early and often.

Frequent check-ins are a great way to communicate any changes in your company’s staffing or update your recruiter about ongoing needs. Be sure to ask if there is anything you could or should be doing on your end.

Treat the process like you’re buying a house: if you don’t make an offer quickly, you may lose it. The quicker you are in getting back to your recruiter, the quicker you’ll get someone on board and working!

Be candid and honest.

After interviews, it’s important for you and your recruiter to debrief. Though it rarely happens, sometimes a candidate they sent over for an interview was not qualified for the position or didn’t match your company culture. Always keep in mind that recruiters are there to help you and make the search process easier, and the only way they can do that is if you’re honest and candid in your feedback. Being straightforward with them will help optimize their recruiting efforts.

Once that feedback is discussed, the recruiter can adjust the types of job seekers they are recommending for interviews. This sort of consultative approach will decrease the amount of time you invest in the job search.

Partnering with City Personnel connects you to some of the top talent in RI and Southeastern MA. We built a solid reputation on our ability to provide our clients with a tailored recruitment experience. We take the time to thoroughly understand your company’s needs and goals so that we can find the absolute best fit for you. Whether you’re looking for temporary, temp to perm, or a direct hire employee, we can help guide your candidate search in the right direction. Contact us today at  401-331-2311, or visit us on Facebook or LinkedIn to read reviews, news, and more.